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For your next tropical getaway, we have lined up uniquely crafted tours suitable for all individuals, providing an unforgettable Sri Lanka Holidays experience. All our tours are offered for at an affordable price without compromising comfort, quality and safety. This concept has been experienced and recommended by many of our previous clients. We are truly budget. See how we can indulge you with our Sri Lanka Holidays throughout the island.

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Go Green on your next Sri Lanka Holidays with U Travels

Simple steps could contribute to minimise your carbon footprint during your holiday which will help to reduce global warming and support sustainable tourism. Please take ownership of your personal contribution to climate change. Your actions could make a real difference. Why not help reduce the carbon footprint on your next Sri Lanka Holidays with us.

  • Please set your room AC thermostat to 24°C and ensure to switch off when you leave your hotel room.

  • Please keep your balcony doors closed as much as possible to reduce wastage of energy used to power air conditioners.

  • Please minimize your usage of fresh towels

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Sri Lanka Holidays with U Travels
Sri Lanka Holiday with U Travels

Travel with less plans & more freedom. Get a car with a driver for total freedom.

We totally understand that sometimes you need the freedom of a car, driver and sat-nav to go to any place you fancy. Our Sri Lanka Holidays 2020 flexi package allows you to get a driver and air conditioned vehicle for any number of days. You will be your own tour guide with all the freedom! To choose the best Sri Lanka Holidays option for you, see our fully customisable packages.

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