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5 Places You Can't Afford To Miss In Sri Lanka

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5 Must-Visit Places In Sri Lanka

Over the years, Sri Lanka has garnered a lot of praise and attention for its picturesque landscapes and thrilling pursuits. It is one of those places that captures your imagination in no time. Once you have been here, parting ways from this heavenly place would seem like the hardest thing to do.

Whether it's a solo trip or family getaway, Sri Lanka makes up for a perfect holiday destination. Here's a list of few not-to-miss-experiences while traversing the country:

1. Mount the Ancient Sigiriya

Sigiriya is an ancient rock fortress that ascends from the country's vast central plains. The dramatic size of the ancient fortress makes it visible from miles away. At a height of 200 meters, the 5th century 'Sky Fortress' stands upon a gigantic megalithic rock.

Start an early climb to avoid the crowds and the heat of the day for breathtaking views of the lush green landscape surrounding the 200m summit.

2. Walk Amidst Wildlife In Udawalawe

Udawalawe comprises grasslands, rainforests, scrublands and tea plantations. Declared as a national park in 1972, Udawalawe is known for housing a large population of elephants. The park is a heavenly abode for other wildlife animals such as leopards, boars, deers, jackal, buffaloes and various bird species. Rent a Jeep and experience wildlife from up close. 

3. Visit Unawatuna For A Gastronomical Experience!

The coastal town of Unawatuna is adorned with sandy beaches and laid-back cafés. The seafood of this town is undoubtedly one of the finest in entire Sri Lanka. From delectable fish curry to fresh jumbo prawns, the town's culinary scenes will make your mouth water instantly.

The town offers a plethora of pursuits to explore as well. It is also an idyllic sojourn to relax and chill after an action packed tour. A couple of days spent here are perfect for rejuvenation.

4. Join The Pilgrims To The Sacred Adam's Peak

Adam's peak is one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka. The site, locally known as Sri Pada, features a depression at the mountain's peak which is believed to be an imprint of Buddha's left foot. As the day passes, the site becomes more and more crowded. So plan an early visit.

5. Explore The Relic Of The Sacred Tooth!

Sri Lanka houses the most revered Buddhist relic, that is one of Buddha's teeth. The sacred tooth is believed to be Buddha's left canine which was brought over from India around 1500 years ago. During the month of August, each year the tooth is paraded around the town, followed by customary rituals and ceremonies. Make sure to visit the city of Kandy to see this ancient Buddhist relic.

From alluring temples to pristine beaches, you can never get enough of this beautiful destination. Browse our exclusive assortment of Sri Lanka holidays and tour packages and experience the trip of your dreams!



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