Day 1 Welcome to Sri Lanka

Upon arrival, your local guide from U Travels will meet you at Bandaranaike International Airport in Colombo. You will be travelling to your accommodation in Kitulgala from where your tour will begin with a hike approximately 1 hr in length. This will be through a dense jungle in Kitulgala to explore the secretive cave Belilena, located amidst a picturesque enviro to witness unearthed skeletal remains of Balangoda man and many other artifacts.

Located in Kitulgala, this cave is a historic landmark and a treasured place for speleologists that is found 2000 feet above sea level and in one of the wettest places in the country. The 16,000 year old skeletal remains of the prehistoric ‘Balangoda man’ (Homosapien Balangodensis) was found within the Belilena cave. Recent archaeological excavations have discovered several fossils and prehistoric tools which are believed to be dated as far as 38,000 years ago.

Day 2 Engage with nature

Today, you will be actively engaging in nature related experiences to gain the best of Kitulgala. Kitulgala offers many adventurous nature bound activities including white water rafting, confidence jumps, waterfall abseiling at Sadun fall, zip line adventures, rock pool sliding and bird watching by the Kelani river. You will come across many endemic species of birds such as Sri Lankan orange-billed babbler and Chestnut-backed owlet.  Your overnight stay will be in Kitulgala.

Day 3 Lion Rock adventure

After breakfast you will kickstart your day by travelling to Sigiriya which will take approximately 5 hours. Once you reach Sigiriya, you will head to Lion Rock and a local tour guide will join the climb. He will walk you through the ancient tale of King Kasyapa and the remains of his palace. This segment of the day will take approximately 1.5 - 3 hours.  Your overnight stay will be in Sigiriya.

Having come to life in 4th century AD, Lion Rock is considered to be the 8th wonder of the world and has been classified by UNESCO as a world heritage site. While exploring this ancient rock fortress, which was created by King Kasyapa, you will come across the ruins of the palace and its vast gardens, canals, alleys and fountains. You will hear more about this impressive creation from our local tour guide.

Day 4 Memorable experience at Dambulla

Day 4 will begin with an activity of your choice. Hot air ballooning or an early morning hike to pidurangala rock are two beautiful ways to start the morning and watch the sun light up the valley. Following this, you will embark on an approximately 1 hour drive to visit the Ritigala forest monastery. Thereafter, you will head back to Sigiriya. In addition, you have the opportunity to enjoy our complimentary elephant ride around Dambulla or Sigiriya.  Your overnight stay will be in Sigiriya.

Whilst Sigiriya rock is an internationally recognised ancient fortress, its neighbouring Pidurangala rock is a much less known place that offers an equally memorable view, especially at sunrise. The temple found at the base of this rock is the only man made structure found at this place of natural beauty.
Unlike other well-known Buddhist pilgrimage sites, Ritigala forest monastery used by monks and ascetics is a place full of mysteries that is yet to be uncovered. Adding to this sense of mystery is the fact that despite being located in the heart of the dry zone, the atmosphere is much cooler within the monastery.

Day 5 Journey from Sigiriya to Ella

Today you will transition from a dry zone to a much cooler region with spectacular views. On the way you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking views of the Rathna Ella Waterfall. This will begin with a short trek (less than 1hr) through a forest along a man-made canal originating from the Rathna Ella waterfall. You will also visit Sorabora wewa in Mahiyanganaya, a unique man-made reservoir that is a must see.  Your overnight stay will be in Ella.

Rathna ella waterfall is 111m in height and is the widest waterfall in Sri Lanka that is located within the Randenigala & Rantambe Sanctuary. It irrigates the rice fields in the eastern valley of Mahiyanganaya and the area surrounding the waterfall is extremely verdant. 

Sorabora wewa is another one of the many man -made reservoirs in Sri Lanka. But, its uniqueness comes from the fact that it does not use a bisokotuwa (cistern sluice) to control the water pressure at the sluice gates of the dam. Instead a natural rock and a canal has been used to control the water pressure. This method was developed by a village man named Bulatha in 2nd century BC. 

Day 6 Explore Ohiya

Today will experience a very physically demanding yet visually pleasing hike which will take approximately 7 hours to complete. You will catch an early morning train ride from Ella to Ohiya lasting approximately 1.5 hours. Following this you will begin a 14 km hike through tea plantations and villages where you will be able to interact with locals. A very narrow part of this trek includes an area named Devil’s staircase after which you will reach the magnificent Bambarakanda waterfall.  Your overnight stay will be in Ella.

Devil’s Staircase is truly the hike through hell with steep climbs and a rugged terrain. It is a very narrow area with hairpin bends. A fascinating view of the Bambarakanda waterfall awaits you at the end of this hike. It is Sri Lanka’s highest waterfall falling from a height of 263 m.

Day 7 Ella to Udawalawe

After breakfast you will head off to Udawalawe which will take approximately 2.5 hours. You will be welcomed at an Udawalawe campground from where your Udawalawe safari will begin. You will end the day with a BBQ dinner.  Your overnight stay will be in Udawalawe.

Udawalawe National Park was at first constructed as a refuge for animals that lost their natural habitat due to making of the Udawalawe reservoir. Presently the reservoir is a major attraction site for elephants. An approximate 400 elephants are found in the area with 250 being permanent residents. Other animals residing in the park include Indian muntjac, Sri Lankan leopard, Golden Jackal, Toque macaque and a range of birds.

Day 8 Safari Adventures

The second last day of this tour will begin with an early morning safari at Ridiyagama Safari Park at 4.30 am. You will enjoy the beauty of sunrise and witness the early morning activities of animals followed by a visit to the Buduruwagala temple and an afternoon safari at Lunugamvehera National Park.  Your overnight stay will be in Udawalawe.

Lunugamwehera National Park located in theSouthern province of Sri Lanka has a geographic importance of being the bridge that connects Udawalawe National Park and Yala National Park. This allows animals like elephants to move between the 2 parks. Lunugamwehera National Park was also constructed with the intention of protecting Lunugamwehera reservoir and providing a home for the local wildlife.
Buduruwagala temple is home to the largest Buddha statue on the island existing at a height of 15m. This 1000 year old complex of 7 statues has been cut out of rock and has a trace of orange suggesting that at some point in time it was painted with a bright orange colour.

Day 9 Farewell Sri Lanka

The final day of this tour will begin with a second Udawalawe safari that will take place early in the morning allowing you to spot animals active at this time of the day. Hereafter, you will travel from Udawalawe to Bandaranaike International Airport to board your flight and to say your farewell till next time.

Inclusion & exclusion

  • Accommodation ( 8 NIGHTS ONLY INCLUDING DAILY BREAKFAST) in the hotels mentioned or similar comfort (Standard rooms) including breakfast – Best Rated by Tripadvisor and our past clients. Double sharing basis (BB/DBL).
  • On ground transportation - air conditioned vehicle with an English speaking chauffeur guide throughout the tour (Includes fuel) with comprehensive insurance. All safari jeeps are without comprehensive insurance and non air conditioned.
  • Airport transfers - all tours from & to the airport unless any special request made by the client with different pick up or drop off points, which could be arranged.
  • Entry fee into attractions. (Belilena caves Kitulgala,white water rafting, waterfall abseiling at Sadun fall and bird watching, Sigiriya rock fortress,hot air ballooning or Pidurangala hike,Ritigala forest Monastery,Rathna Ella waterfall track,Devils staircase and Bambarakanda waterfall hike,Dev’s camping activities)
  • Thrilling jeep safari at Udawalawe National park.
  • 24/7 customer service


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